“I went into photography because it seemed like a perfect vehicle for commenting on the madness of today’s existence… I don’t photograph things I’ve not been involved with myself.”

(Celant, Mapplethorpe and Neugtoschel, 1992)

Photography as a medium has the power to speak to everyone and capture life in a raw and un regimented way. Personally, I believe, the ability to capture this world in a frame of a second is one, which cannot be replaced.

My whole life, I have been surrounded by photography; the passion I have found for my work is virtually an obsession and my camera has become an extension of me.

I spent my childhood shadowing my Father whom was a photographer, watching as he set up his studio in our home and accompanying my parents on his visual journey.

Following my passion for both fashion and photography, I studied an Art and Design Foundation Course leading to achieving upper second class Bachelor Honours in Photography for Fashion and Advertising at the University of South Wales and an MA in Visual Communication at Bath Spa University.

I have received incredible opportunities to work directly with those in the industry through Live Briefs, including working with Ally Capellino and The New British. What began as photographing Street Style at London Fashion Weekend in September 2014 lead to working backstage with Sebastian Professional Hair at London Fashion Week in 2015. I have also worked with John Applegate at ICON dance competition and photographed for numerous events including Fashion Wales Live. 

I have worked with many independent fashion designers globally in addition to being invited to shadow and work alongside Zumba Fitness's production team in Miami.

Inspiration for the work I produce is not based merely on one source; rather it is found in all aspects of my life, often in the places, which I least expect it. As a photographer, I am a strong advocate for the need of a hard hitting concept behind every image, I do not photograph things that do not influence my life or interest me; and to ensure this all my work evolves from thorough research.

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