Shadowing his Spanish roots, Hender Corredor-Escalante was introduced to Zumba® Fitness after being recommended by an overseas friend.

“The first ever class I took in Zumba® Fitness was with Beto; It was great! It left me feeling so inspired and enthusiastic to be a part of this programme.”

Currently teaching regular classes in Swindon, Hender continues to feel motivated not only through meeting other instructors, but by the community built around the classes which he has created.

“People in my classes have told me how Zumba
® has boosted their confidence, and allowed them to reach weight loss goals, stories like this make all the hard work worthwhile.”

Hender’s journey as a Zumba Education Specialist™ for Zumba® Gold and Zumba® Kids began after spending time travelling around the UK as a Zumba® Jammer. Hender had nine years experience with Zumba®, and felt like her needed a new, more exciting challenge.

“I loved the programme I taught at the time, I wanted to get even more involved!”

Extremely passionate about the ZJ™ and ZES™ programme Zumba® has created, Hender states some of the most incredible aspects are both the way they are delivered and the connection they create with Zumba® instructors globally.

“If I had to choose one highlight of my Zumba
® career that stands out beyond the rest, it would be the community! Zumba® within the UK and the team of people I work with are amazing!”

The role of a ZES™ brings with it a much greater responsibility than that Hender was used to as a ZJ™, however after over a year in this new role, Hender says he believes the only trials are only created by ones self; this positive approach lead to a growing success in the career he loves.

“I love how Zumba® Fitness has gave me the ability to help people keep active, inspiring kids and older adults alike to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Hender would not change anything about his Zumba® experience so far, loving all of the rhythms equally, his hard work and passion for the brand is shared with those in the community who he meets; a passion which many find incredibly inspiring.

“Working for Zumba® is a blessing and I believe there are very few jobs out there as rewarding!”

Hender Corredor-Escalante. Zumba® Education Specialist. UK.

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